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Milson, Palmerston NorthBSH/HNZ Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy

Jenna offers Hypnotherapy-based Support & Management for: Motivation; Confidence; Self-Esteem; Positivity; Fears & Phobias; Weight; Smoking & Sleep.

Hypnotherapy can give you the motivation, confidence and positivity that you need to succeed.


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Milson, Palmerston North


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About Me

Hello, my name is Jenna. I am a mum of 2 gorgeous wee kiddies. 

I studied Clinical Hypnotherapy and gained a certificate through Boddington School of Hypnotherapy mid 2021. 

I have a bachelor of Music and a Diploma in Professional Pilates Instruction.

I wanted to study something that would tie in nicely.

Singing, Pilates and Hypnotherapy all work around the power of breath and staying calm and relaxed. 

I love to help people and believe in the ability for our mindset to adjust many things in life.

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